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Tom Konkle and Brittney Powell interviewed about Trouble Is My Business

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Trouble Is My Business Noir Feature Film

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  1. YANCEY “PON” FRANCO, On Set Sound Mixer
    As a sound mixer, ‘Pon’ as he is sometimes called, has no photographs. Sound mixers tend to be elusive to the eye, even when involved in the action as they must work to cast no shadow. This ‘Pon’ has been rumored to have been lurking on sets for three years and an urban legend within the film community is that ‘Pon’ is actually a ninja. With a boom pole. And a really nice guy.

    1st Assistant Director
    Victor Solis

    Second Assistant Director
    Michelle Sugihara

    Camera Operator, A-camera
    Jesse Arnold

    1st Assistant Camera, A-camera
    Jordan Lanham

    Camera Operator, B-camera
    Seth Johnson

    1st Assistant Camera, B-Camera
    Rogelio Mosqueda

    2nd Assistant Camera
    Alex Keeme

    Key Grip
    Bobby Crocket

    Best Boy Grip
    Isabelo Pascual

    Benjamin Smythe

    Rigging Best Boy Electric
    Michael Shanman

    Best Boy Electrician
    Jack Alexander

    David Lech

    Set Dresser
    Alexx Bonovich

    Set Dresser
    Alissa Giacona

    Set Dresser (Swing)
    Ryan Stanley

    Assistant Make-Up Artist/Set Production Assistant
    Stephanie Unguez

    Set Production Assistant
    Karlos “KC” Cortez


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